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SLEEPEEZEE PocketGel Balance PLUS 1200 Divan Set


Delivery is free of charge to mainland UK addresses only and we aim to deliver this item within 2 weeks.
After you place your order, we will contact you via email to confirm dispatch or to book a delivery date, if for any reason your delivery will be longer than expected we will advise at this point and if you are not satisfied with the delay we will automatically refund your money.



Virofresh technolgy helps provide antiviral protection for a more hygenic nights sleep. Their game changing anti microbial technology kills 99.9% of bacterial and viruses on contact.Enjoy a mattress that's fresh, clean, and pratcically germ free.

Virofresh technology has high oxidation propertiesand works by fragmenting the external structures of viruses, ultimately breaking them down and killing them. It uses silver icons and visicles to neutralise viruses and bacteria that come into contact with the fabric surface, providing a cleaner sleeping environment.


Material - Synthetic
Firmness - Firm
Temperature - Regulating
Turn - No Turn
Balance  PLUS 1200

The PocketGel Balance 1200 mattress benefits from technically advanced Staycool™ gel for a pressure sensitive, edge to edge floating feeling with thermal control qualities. Sensifil™ smart fibres optimise health and well-being, ideal for those looking for hypoallergenic qualities in a mattress.
01 Details

The best in modern sleep technology and latest materials, this mattress benefits from a mixture of Staycool™ gel, reflex foam, white fibres and Sensifil™, an asthma and allergy friendly smart fibre. Suitably placed handles allow for easy rotation.
02 Features

This mattress benefits from 1200 pocket springs with a Staycool™ gel layer for impressive comfort, creating full edge to edge support with pressure relieving qualities.

1 Quilted Knitted Top Finish
Soft knitted fabric completes the whole sleep experience, providing a soft surface to lie on.

2 Reflex Foam
A layer of reflex foam for outstanding support.

3 Staycool™ Gel
Staycool™ gel layer helps you stay comfortable, whatever the season.

4 1200 Springs
1200 pocket springs individually adjust and support you as you sleep.

• Made In The UK
• Edge to Edge Support
• Non Turn
• 5 Year Guarantee

04 FAQ
How will the Balance 1200 feel?
The Balance 1200 mattress is rated as a firm comfort feel, which will provide an all-around balanced feeling, enough sinkability but with the desired firmness to feel fully supported.

What is the guarantee period?
This mattress has a 5 year guarantee period when bought on its own. Divans and mattresses bought together will have a 7 year guarantee period.

Can I rotate a non turn mattress?
Yes, a non-turn mattress must be rotated from head to foot every week for the first three months and then every month thereafter.

How long does a Sleepeezee bed last?
All Sleepeezee beds are protected by a minimum guarantee, and a bed can last for more than 7 -10 years, but factors such as weight, movement and usage can impact how long a bed lasts.

60 night sleep trial available - please view our Sleepeezee 60-Night Sleep Trial Terms and Conditions