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Available Size Single (3'0)
Available Size Small Double (4'0)
Available Size Double (4'6)
Available Size Kingsize (5'0)
Available Size Super Kingsize (6'0)
Manufacturer SLEEPEEZEE

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The Essentials Ultimate Ortho is an excellent option for those looking for an orthopaedic firm mattress made with hypoallergenic fillings. This mattress is turnable which ensures you get maximum comfort and longevity.

01 Details

A beautiful damask fabric and hand tufted details complete this traditional yet contemporary looking mattress. Side air vents keep air moving which reduces moisture. Stitched on handles allow for ease of handling when you need to turn the mattress.
02 Features

Featuring a count of 800 pocket springs, this double-sided mattress is filled white fibres that support you in all the right places, offering you a peaceful night’s sleep.

1 Striped Damask Fabric
Beautiful damask striped fabric creates a traditional looking mattress and smooth sleeping surface.

2 Hand Tufted Detail
Hand tufting ensures that the internal fillings won't shift during the night and helps provide a firm surface to sleep on.
3 Supportive Fillings
Soft, durable white filling with hypoallergenic properties, ideal for those seeking a fully synthetic mattress.

4 800 Springs
Optimal support with 800 pocket springs which individually adjust to your body as you sleep.

03 FAQ

How will the Ultimate Ortho feel?

The Ultimate Ortho is a firm mattress that doesn’t have as much contouring as a softer mattress. You’ll typically feel more push back on a firm mattress, which is ideal for front or back sleepers.

What is the guarantee period?

This mattress has a 5 year guarantee period when bought on its own. Divans and mattresses bought together will have a 7 year guarantee period.

When should you change your bed?

The Sleep Council recommends that you should change your bed every 7 years, which is why we offer a 7-year guarantee on our bed sets to give you peace of mind for years of restful sleep. Changing your bed every 7 years can help reduce the build-up of dust mites and allergies.

Is bigger better when it comes to selecting a bed?

Yes! You can move up to 60-70 times a night, which can be disruptive for your sleeping partner. We suggest purchasing the biggest bed that fits your sleeping space and budget.